Wednesday, January 13, 2010

With Friends Like Mark Pawson, Who Needs Friends?

The dapper and talented, Mr. Mark Pawson of London, England is an artist, publisher and distributor and is solely responsible for our UK/Europe wholesale accounts. Psst! UK/Europe customers, you can also mail order issues from him and stop paying more for shipping than you do for the magazine!

Anyhow, Mark is a longtime supporter of Crap Hound, Reading Frenzy and Show & Tell Press and he has just made a generous pre-payment in support of the press. While this is not being routed through Kickstarter -- you must have a US bank account to pledge there -- it's going to allow us to accelerate publication of Crap Hound #4 & #5, if and only if, our Kickstarter project is successfully funded.

Check out his online shop: Mark Pawson & Disinfotainment. I'm especially partial to his badges and the lasercut perspex signs (like the beauty pictured above)!

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